WeirdTales Designs is a small web & graphic design company, focusing on vintage, retro, romantic, fantasy, rustic and dark inspired designs. The studio consists of two partners, Val Frimon (founder and lead designer), and Manos K. (designer and web developer). 

Our base of operations is the greenish The Hague, Holland, though during the summer we relocate to sunny and wonderful Greece. We provide web & print solutions for businesses and individuals. All our website templates are not only beautiful, with great aesthetic and unique, but also functional and user-friendly with SEO and social networking in mind. All our work is done in house and every effort is paid to ensure high quality of result.

Our vision and goal is to provide our customers with the quality they expect to receive from a professional solution, whichever their requirement might be. 

We aim to utilize the most efficient approach to overcome any obstacles and produce a result of the high standards we wish to adhere to. We have chosen to aim our approach to a more “limited” audience, but one we believe we have a good grasp of, and a good knowledge of the medium our designs represent.

We set ourselves no limit as to how far we will go to create the desired effect, no obstacle is too great for us to brave. However while we are determined to provide our customers with what they desire, we do not make false claims of grandeur. We are a small design house but we aim to make a name of ourselves, and to that end we will work tirelesslyQuality is, and will always remain, our non-negotiable goal.

Hello and welcome to my studio. My name is Val Frimon. I was born in Peloponnese of Greece and moved in the capital for studies in my teens. I finished the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, department of Business Administration & Marketing, to turn 180o later and start a new career as a bailiff.

Thankfully, I quickly realized that none of those things really fit me and the competitive environment within big companies were extremely exhausting and arduous.

At the same time I knew what the one thing that made me feel fulfilled was, creation. Making things with my own hands, shaped out travelling of the fictional corridors in my mind, was the only thing that I found both enticing and exciting. After all which creator is not touched by his creation?

My first artistic steps were floral paintings on wooden boxes with pyrography. During the course of things I also tangled with the creation of vintage handmade jewelry. Graphic designing was always something that I worked on in the background, mainly for my own needs, and those of friends. 

When those friends became that many that little time passed without someone asking me to make something for them, was when WeirdTales Design Studio was born and I started getting into what I loved most, professionally.

Some of you might wonder why WeirdTales, while some might have already made the connection with the most pulp American magazine of all times. Well the latter of you guessed right! The name of the studio is inspired by the WeirdTales magazine.

You see my very first excursion into literature was fantasy, sci-fi and horror novels. Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Clark A. Smith, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Charles Fort, Philip K. Dick and many many more accompany me from my early years and played an important role in the shaping of my life.

Hello, my name is Manolis, although most friends do tend to call me Manos. I was born and raised in Athens, spent my childhood in Piraeus and after high school I studied Multimedia Design & Development. 

During the last year of my studies the school organized a career day and I was sent to interview with a company for a Software Engineer position, seeing that I showed a tendency for that field.

I worked there for nine months before I had to fulfil my obligations to the Greek Army, after which I interviewed with the same company, who took me back a few months after my army service was concluded. I’ve been working in the company since, having spent approximately nine years as a Software Engineer and another three years as a Systems Engineer, which is my current position.

Having worked in numerous projects, ranging from stand-alone windows applications, intranet delivered web applications and even an e-auctions solution for a company customer. I have extensive knowledge of programming languages, with the biggest chunk of my experience being in initially Visual Basic and later ASP and lately ASP.NET and C#. At the same time I’ve fiddled with SQL server administration and web server administration.

Computers have always been an exciting venture for me, and as young as I can remember myself I always wanted to have one and tinker with it. Seeking to get to know more, I have spent hours on the internet reading various topics that tickled my, usually insatiable, curiosity.

Currently I am employed as a System Engineer, having stepped over the fence between users and computers and now rooting for the side of servers! In my spare time I surf the web for interesting things, watch series and play games to keep myself sane from the stress of the long work days.

I joined the WeirdTales Designs team in January 2012, offering my programming experience and expertise, as well as a sharp eye for detail.