Hello, my name is Manolis, although most friends do tend to call me Manos. I was born and raised in Athens, spent my childhood in Piraeus and after high school I studied Multimedia Design & Development. 

During the last year of my studies the school organized a career day and I was sent to interview with a company for a Software Engineer position, seeing that I showed a tendency for that field.

I worked there for nine months before I had to fulfil my obligations to the Greek Army, after which I interviewed with the same company, who took me back a few months after my army service was concluded. I’ve been working in the company since, having spent approximately nine years as a Software Engineer and another three years as a Systems Engineer, which is my current position.

Having worked in numerous projects, ranging from stand-alone windows applications, intranet delivered web applications and even an e-auctions solution for a company customer. I have extensive knowledge of programming languages, with the biggest chunk of my experience being in initially Visual Basic and later ASP and lately ASP.NET and C#. At the same time I’ve fiddled with SQL server administration and web server administration.

Computers have always been an exciting venture for me, and as young as I can remember myself I always wanted to have one and tinker with it. Seeking to get to know more, I have spent hours on the internet reading various topics that tickled my, usually insatiable, curiosity.

Currently I am employed as a System Engineer, having stepped over the fence between users and computers and now rooting for the side of servers! In my spare time I surf the web for interesting things, watch series and play games to keep myself sane from the stress of the long work days.

I joined the WeirdTales Designs team in January 2012, offering my programming experience and expertise, as well as a sharp eye for detail.