Beauty, creativity, love in your work, knowledge and efficiency,
are the meaningful power of the World.


I have created WeirdTales Design Studio as a beautiful laboratory of special ideas and creative power, with a vision to achieve a rare combination of: full artistic approach and the joy of true creativity With supreme quality of results and efficient professional solutions for our customers.

I am envisioning the inner world of each individual customer and their highest needs, and trying to dedicate my work in order to express this inner world in my designs and fulfill the needs –utilizing my inspiration, the elements of beauty and special atmosphere, my technical skills and the skills of my team, and my knowledge of the market for many years.

Our team, an Artist designer, a Web developer, a Writer, and a Marketing director : is ready to overcome any obstacle, target the highest standards, create with joy and understanding, make dreams come true.

Beauty, Efficiency and Quality, are the non-negotiable goals of WeirdTales Design Studio. Imagination and unusual viewpoint with intuition and high technics with reliability, are the secrets of my recipe.

I want to design the Inner World of my customers -and to aid and inspire them with my designs in what they do professionally– with “the stuff that dreams are made of…”
A Soul for the Profession, a Craft from the Heart.

beauty, EfficiencY and Quality, are the non-negOtiable gOalS of weirdtaleS deSign StudiO

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