Book Cover Design

We love books, we know book covers. We are working for publishing houses, and we are the Art directors in a magazine. For a long time now we have been designing the visions of a writer, a publisher, an editor, and turning them into art for a book cover, a dust jacket, a magazine issue cover, a poster, making the dream real.

Covers are very important. It’s a secret of the trade: You don’t buy the book, you haven’t read it yet, you buy the book cover… And there are many secrets to a fine book cover, the one you want to buy, the one with the right atmosphere, the artistic book cover that represents the contents of the book, the one that plays a perception game with the mind of the viewer, the buyer, the reader.  

It’s an exquisite operation, the fine art of book cover design: the science of graphic details, the invisible intentions, the balance of colors –and the right touch, the right color in the right place to fit the style of the intended presentation, the right fonts to carry the message, the “image”, the delicate manipulation of attention, the intrigue, the smart moves.

If you want the reader to enter the world of your book, you need an invitation, a realized idea that works as a call for reading. You want to cover your book with style and intelligent design, you need a stylist, a designer, an artistic approach: and then you have a book with a view. Let us open this view for you, the front door of your book.

If you are an author, your Image is the secret of success. Cover your book with Beauty and Style, apply the secrets of the trade: The Fine Art of Book Cover Design – now it can be yours too.

The cost for a Full Cover (Paperback & eBook) – starts from 2400€  depending on the complexity of the design. Front Cover Designs (eBook)  starts from 1200€.

Use the Book Cover Form to get started and receive a cost upon your needs. Don’t forget to check the BOOK COVERS section in FAQ’s and read everything you need to know about custom covers we offer, the formats and any optional add-on that will complete your ideal cover.