YOu Can DReam,
We Can Create

Consider the Internet and the Web as the Outside World. Each Person is an Inner World. Each business is an Inner World trying to invite visitors and customers in it. Each person is unique, Each business is unique. These Inner Worlds need to express and present themselves to the Outside World; in the best and the most beautiful and the most efficient way. And they need the right medium, a fine creation, a dynamic link to the Outside World. They require understanding of this Inner World by this medium; they require the finest image style, and the best presentation and functionality. They need unique graphic designs and web creations… Right now, you are in the right place!

Welcome to your Inner World Designs : Weird Tales Designs Studio.

We can create a unique website for you, or a unique blog, and any other web device or presentation. We want to create it in the most artistic way; with Beauty and Style, drawing inspiration from your Inner World, or inspiring you on it, and we really know how to make it fully functional with the best efficiency and quality. Talent stands out.

Via the use of advanced web authoring tools, we will bring your dream website or blog into the demanding reality of the Outside World, using our own expertise and style to provide all the clear-cut solutions to your Design needs.

The cost for a website design varies from, €3500-6000 depending on the complexity of the design. Every client has different needs and our prices are adjusted accordingly. We work with your budget to create a plan that maximizes the features and SEO benefits for every project. Our philosophy is that everyone should have a web presence, whether it’s a simple digital business card, a comprehensive corporate site, an online shop, etc… We offer solutions for everyone. Use the contact form to get a quote based on your needs and your vision.