The Studio

Weird Tales Designs  is the realization of my dream to create a busy atelier bringing my art and technics to an ever growing circle of inspired individuals, specialists, professionals and businesses.

Our Studio is actually a shelter of ideas linked to each and every one of our customers. A private universe transmitting designer art and websites, templates and marketing solutions, for 13 years now. Our successful web & graphic design has created a HeartLand in our computer screens, because of the love and care we always give to every one of our projects. A steady expression out there of the inner worlds we explore by order of our clients. And the trusted high technical knowledge to realize them. In our Studio we are surrounded by ongoing projects, images, codes, processing units, monitors, data banks, printed logos, graphic materials, paper notes, so many books and magazines, mysteries, my collection of curiosities, true love, and a perpetual stream of inspiration.

Our base of operations is the greenish The Hague, Holland. And the alternative reality of Art and Design, a whole ideal world which is everywhere and nowhere.
We provide web & print solutions for businesses and individuals. All our website templates are not only beautiful, unique and embroidered with great aesthetics, but also functional and user-friendly with SEO and social networking in mind. All of our efforts are focused to ensure high quality of result.
I am Val, the founder and lead designer, and with my engineer collaborator in web developing Manos K. and our team, we are welcoming you in WeirdTales Designs Studio.

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