About me

I have dedicated myself to ideas and art, creation and synthesis, and to the fine art of artistic presentation & design –through the WeirdTales Studio, which I created in 2010. I’ve been working professionally with the craft of Design since 2005.

From the moment I realized myself as a kid, I knew what was the one and only thing that made me feel fulfilled: Creation. At the beginning, making things with my own hands, shaped out the travelling of the fictional corridors in my mind, and that was the only meaningful and exciting thing for me. After all, which creator is not touched by his creations? It was an enticing chain reaction for me; my talent was guiding me to further creative exploration. I was following my Heart.

Very soon I was drawn to the visual arts. Painting, sketches, photography, assemblage art, collages, woodwork; also working with any kind of material, even fine restorations. I naturally found myself creating my own style. 

My first serious artistic steps were floral paintings on wooden boxes with pyrography. For some time I also tangled with the creation of vintage handmade jewelry. Meanwhile, I studied Business Administration & Marketing. But I was always a romantic, finding a deeper meaning in Beauty, studying the secrets of Style, even the mystical dimensions of nature, the deeper Alchemy of things, Metaphysics, delved into philosophy and the Arts, a book-lover, a dreamer –and always an enthusiastic explorer of Fantasy. For years I was very inspired by my beloved magazine in Greece: Strange. Finally, many years ahead, through this great love of mine and my recognized artistic ideas about it, I became Strange’s Art Director. This was the greatest dream come true for me. To really have for your own what you love most.

As the years passed, inspiration became the breath of my life. Love what you do or Do what you love, as a motto and a value was always my guiding Light. It kept me going on my path through the many difficulties of life.

I was also very good with computers. Early, the digital environment became a second nature for me, the tools of programming, the manipulation of images, networks, codes, cybernetics in art, the new capabilities of the Internet, and the perspective of The Medium is the Message.
Graphic designing was always something that I worked on in the background, a long time exploration for me. Many people, seeing my early graphic designs, started asking me to make something for them. And that was repeated so often, that I found myself working professionally as a Graphic Designer, which was a vindication and the greatest joy for me, getting into what I love most and know best.

As my experience was growing rapidly, encouraged by my clients, ten years ago I ended up creating WeirdTales Design Studio, focused professionally to my visions.  Up to now this is a continuing great adventure for me, full of big challenges and the realized dreams of my clients. 

Through my dream studio, WeirdTales, I have created countless special logos for a really great variety of clients and businesses – and that filled me with rare experiences in the design processes and in my everlasting explorations of style. I have designed and developed many beloved websites, combing beauty & style, while evolving my methods and updating my directory of technical details and innovations. I have designed and art-directed magazines, special editions and unique book covers.  Beautiful packaging, innovative posters, intriguing record covers, so many things so many projects, for so many clients in so many countries!

Some of you might wonder why WeirdTales. Well, actually it is the title of the most Pulp American magazine of all times. The name of my studio is inspired by the old Weird Tales magazine. My love in literature was always Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror novels. And the best writers of these genres were presented by Weird Tales. H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, August Derleth, Clark Ashton Smith, Ray Bradbury, but also Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Charles Fort and many many more –but, most of all, my beloved man and my other-half, who is my favorite writer–  accompany me from my early years and played the most important role in the shaping of my life.

All these are many dreams come true for me, and I am very grateful. I hope I’ll have the chance to design something for you sometime.

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