WeirdTales Designs  is a laboratory of Ideas and Art, a unique and dynamic link to a Designer’s World.
We offer a wide array of services to our customers, ranging all the way from graphic design solutions to fully built websites with online shopping functionality. We give the best custom solution for each individual customer, weaving their dreams into a unique stylish reality.

Art Creation and High Technics is our Craft. We offer Beauty and Style, Reliability and up to date Technical Knowledge.
We design Logos, Labels, Banners, Web Sites, WebShops, Boutiques, Blogs, Web & Print Designs, Business Cards, Books, Book Covers, Magazines, Catalogues, Flyers, T-Shirts, Product Packages, Photo Manipulations, and many more.
We can design a unique Brand Image for your business. Let us work a beautiful project for your needs.


wEb & pRint dESigns

A simple truth: First Impressions are everything! How you present yourself to your clients is the doorway to success. You need a unique style, a lasting fine impression, the right Image and atmosphere, the essence of your work in an upfront presentation and a symbolic message of your professional credibility. Also you need to show the world that you love your work, and love is in the details...

lOgO & bRand idEntitY

A secret about the Perception of your clients : “What you See is what you Get”. Image is the whole deal. Your logo design is the most important step towards building an Image for your work. You need a good logo, stylish and beautiful, simple and clear. A memorable image, so that it gets across exactly what you are all about. It needs to be quite unusual and instantly… READ MORE & VIEW PORTFOLIO

bOOK & magazinE CoVErs


Covers are very important. It’s a secret of the trade: You don’t buy the book, you haven’t read it yet, you buy the book cover… And there are many secrets to a fine book cover, the one you want to buy, the one with the right atmosphere, the artistic book cover that represents the contents of the book, the one that plays a perception game with the mind of the viewer, the buyer, the reader.  READ MORE & VIEW THE PORTFOLIO

CuStom wEbSites &  BlOgs

Having an online presence is almost a necessity nowadays for businesses. It allows your target audience to gain access to information on the services that you offer, instantly, at any time of the day. Via the use of advanced web authoring tools, and always taking into consideration both your vision and your input we will bring your dream READ MORE & VIEW THE PORTFOLIO

wEbShops & bOutiQuEs

We will use our technical knowledge to aid you in both designing and implementing your online shop, whether it is a catalogue or a fully fledged shop from which your customers will be able to directly order your product. Using a range of tools to provide the desired result, we will put no obstacle in the way save the limit of our imagination.. READ MORE & VIEW THE PORTFOLIO


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